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Outcome Statements

  • Recognize the overall importance and broad application of statistics from its use in research to its use in every day life
  • Understand the techniques of random sampling and the production of “good” data
  • Be able to use basic descriptive statistics and exploratory data analysis (EDA) to select appropriate statistics for both univariate (one variable) and bivariate (two variables) data on qualitative and quantitative scales
  • Understand distributional characteristics of variables measured on quantitative scales including shape, central tendency, variability, and percentiles
  • Understand basic rules of probability and the importance of language in calculations of probabilities (percentages)
  • Understand the basic theory behind the three main areas of inferential statistics: point estimation, confidence intervals, and tests of hypotheses
  • Be able to use inferential statistics on a variable measured on one or two samples, including: selection of procedures, verification of assumptions, application of procedures, and interpretation of results
  • Be able to use a statistical package for computation and meaningfully interpret the results

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Old Exam 1:
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A Few 2-Sample Problems, with Solutions:
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